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The OCS is pleased to welcome back Renee Chiang and Bao Pu for a special study session focused on jades of the Warring States Period to Han Dynasty. Following a short presentation, participants to the jade study session will be given a chance to handle and view jades from their collection, the Numina Collection.

Confucius famously drew an analogy between jade and virtues such as purity, intelligence, sincerity and truth. It is after this, in the Warring States to Western Han period that jade art soared to heights that have never been surpassed again.

The National Palace Museum in Taipei is set to launch an exhibition focused on jades of this golden period. How are we to best learn from and appreciate such an exhibition? This session can be seen as a primer for those joining the OCS study trip to Taipei in mid-October, but all are welcome to take advantage of the opportunity to handle and discuss the oldest and most enduring of Chinese art forms.

Members are reminded that this event is strictly limited to current members only and that pre-registration is required. We regret that drop-ins will not be entertained. Reservations are only confirmed once members have recieved an email from the administrator.

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