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The Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong is delighted to announce a preview of Christie’s Hong Kong Spring Auctions of Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art with Rosemary Scott and Pola Antebi.

This season Christie’s is offering over 300 works of art, including imperial works from the Ming (1368”“1644) and Qing (1644”“1912) dynasties; ceramics from the Tang (618-907) and Song periods (960-1279); Buddhist works of art, as well as a collection of scholar’s objects and archaic jades. One such example is a jade pendant from the Han period (221 BCE”“CE 206) featuring two finely carved dragons in pale greyish-white jade. Among the other highlights is a rare imperial gilt-bronze figurine of the four-armed Bodhisattva of Wisdom, Caturbhuja Manjusri, dating to the Xuande period (1425”“1435). Members can also have a chance to learn more about nine exceptional Longquan celadons of the Yuan (1271”“1368) and Ming periods from the Roger Belanich Collection.

Rosemary Scott is International Academic Director of Christie’s Asian Art Departments, and a former Curator of the Percival David Foundation in London, and the Burrell Collection in Glasgow. She is also a past President of the London Oriental Ceramic Society.

Pola Antebi Antebi joined Christie’s Hong Kong in 1990 and is the International Director of the Chinese Works of Art Department in Hong Kong. Her areas of expertise include Imperial ceramics, jades and works of art from the Yuan to the Qing periods. She is currently a member of the Hong Kong Management Committee.

Due to the limited number of places for this event, registration is strictly limited to current members only.

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