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The Oriental Ceramic Society is delighted to bring you a special small group workshop on Chinese jades that will appeal both to those wishing to learn basic connoisseurship skills about one of the most revered materials in China, as well as to serious collectors.

Renee Chiang and Bao Pu will be sharing their methodology for studying ancient Chinese jades, one that has been honed through years of collecting. Combining the knowledge gleaned from academic studies of archaeologically-excavated jades, with the hands-on practice of the connoisseur, they will present members with a step-by-step approach to examining and appreciating jades. A short richly-illustrated presentation will be followed by a hands-on study session.

Renee Chiang and Bao Pu are the owners of New Century Press, and the Numina Collection of Archaic Jades.

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