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Guided exhibition viewing

“Mountains Ablaze” Guided Viewing with Shu Kong Soong

University Museum and Art Gallery, HKU – 90 Bonham Road

Saturday 17th October, 10:30 am”“12:00 pm

Free to members; $100 non-members

The OCS HK is delighted to present an exclusive guided exhibition viewing of “Mountains Ablaze: The Republic and the Sino-Japanese War 1912-1946,” with collector Shu Kong Soong. Featuring rare artefacts, documents, manuscript and calligraphy, the exhibition details the role of the Nationalists in defeating Japan during the Sino-Japanese War. The exhibition tells the story of revolutionary movement led by Dr. Sun Yat-sen and the efforts to build a new Chinese nation. Many of the Nationalist protagonists met and were active in Hong Kong. This exhibition represents the second instalment of Mr. Soong’s earlier exhibition on the late Qing period “Mountains Ablaze: Foreign Devils and Chinese Patriots.” A Taiwan-based architect, Mr. Soong will share his interest in this rare historical materials, journey as a collector and the themes of the exhibition that marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the war.

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