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Yue Ware and Longquan Ware: Tributes to Court and Commodities for Export

The OCS is delighted to announce the 24th Annual General Meeting, followed by a lecture by Ms Lai Suk Yee on Yue and Longquan wares.

Chinese greenwares have been among the most significant and influential of Chinese ceramics for their technical innovation, role as tribute wares, and as commodities for export. This lecture will span Yue Ware from the Tang to Northern Song period, and Longquan Ware from the Song to Yuan period and will appeal both to those wishing to learn about Yue and Longquan wares as well as those wishing to deepen their knowledge. Featuring Yue ware tea bowls, Yue ware imitating gold and silver, Longquan ware for ritual ceremonies, and Yue and Longquan ware for export, Ms Lai will discuss their use in different contexts. This lecture will also be an excellent primer for the OCS’ trip to Zhejiang that has been postponed to May 2017.

Ms. Lai Suk-yee (黎淑儀女士) is a Research Consultant of The Hong Kong Ceramics Research Society in Hong Kong, and a Researcher of The Research Institute of Ceramics (Zisha) Culture at Yixing in China. She is also a Museum Expert Adviser to the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong Government. She was formerly an Assistant Curator and then a Researcher at the Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her academic research has been concentrated on Yixing stoneware of the Ming and Qing dynasties and Zhejiang celadon of the Tang and Song dynasties, while extending to Hong Kong enamel-painted porcelain of the twentieth century in the recent years.

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