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The Oriental Ceramic Society is delighted to announce a preview of Sotheby’s Autumn Sale with Nicolas Chow. The highlights of this sale are two extraordinary historical objects from the Qianlong period: a zither made to order for the emperor in 1746, and a massive jade seal carved fifty years later marking Qianlong’s rise to the status of Emperor Supreme.

Of particular note are 22 bronze votive figures from the collection of the legendary Japanese collector and dealer Sakamoto Gorō (1923-2016) that document the transmission of Buddhism into China from the 4th century onwards. This group of works includes a number with documentary inscriptions, including a famous large gilt-bronze figure of Padmapani from the Northern Wei Dynasty, dated 470.

Sotheby’s is also pleased to present 92 works from the collection of the distinguished London dealer, Roger Keverne. Built up over 50 years, this collection reveals his eclectic taste and expertise, with a particularly deep knowledge of jade. Other highlights include Ming and Qing imperial porcelain from a French collection, and 22 furniture items and table-top pieces that showcase the elegance and refinement of the late Ming/Qing dynasties.

Nicolas Chow is Deputy Chairman, Sotheby’s Asia, International Head and Chairman, Chinese Works of Art, orchestrating auctions with a focus on ceramics and works of art from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Mr. Chow joined Sotheby’s in 1999 and has been responsible for leading the Chinese art market across the Asia Pacific region since 2003. In 2006/07 he took over global oversight for the Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art departments.

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