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The Oriental Ceramic Society is delighted to announce a guided exhibition viewing of “The Legacy of Liangzhu Culture: Neolithic Relics from the Zhejiang Provincial Museum” with Angus Forsyth. On display are artefacts loaned from the Zhejiang Provincial Museum, including 118 sets of Neolithic objects unearthed from Liangzhu archaeological sites in and around the Yangtze River delta. Members will view delicately carved burial jades, unique items of black pottery, and stone farming tools, allowing them to delve into the daily life and philosophy of the Liangzhu culture.

The guided exhibition viewing will be followed by an optional dimsum lunch at the LockCha Tea House with Mr Forsyth.

Angus Forsyth is a renowned Hong Kong jade collector and former president of the OCS of Hong Kong. He has studied ancient Chinese jade carvings intensively with special attention to the Neolithic period, and has published widely on the topic. His books include Jades from China which he co-authored with Brian McElney for the Museum of East Asian Art of Bath, England, where more than 200 jades from his Peony Collection were exhibited in 1994.

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