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The Radiant Ming 1368-1644 through the Min Chiu Society Collection

Hong Kong Museum of History, 100 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Saturday 9th January, 2016 10”“11:30 am, meet in the lobby at 9:45

$100 for members; $150 non-members

To usher in 2016, the Oriental Ceramic Society is delighted to present a guided exhibition viewing ofThe Radiant Ming (1368-1644) through the Min Chiu Society Collection with Ms Carol Lau of the Hong Kong History Museum. This exhibition dedicated to the arts of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) has been organised by the Min Chiu Society to celebrate its 55th anniversary, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Museum of History.

The Ming heralded the end of Mongol rule in China. Founded in 1368, it was during the Ming that many of the foundations of Chinese culture and civilisation were established. At its height in the early 15th century, Ming China was one of the most powerful nations in the world, and may be characterised by the achievements of its centralised government in creating nation-building projects. These included the construction of the two capitals of Nanjing and Beijing, the imperial palace at the Forbidden City, restoration of the Great Wall, and the compilation of the Yongle dadian (Comprehensive compendium of the Yongle reign).

The second half of the Ming saw the gradual dissolution of central rule, and the important political, social and cultural changes. A class of scholar-officials became increasingly influential, and the ambitions of a new merchant class, as well as technical innovations such as printmaking that made knowledge available to larger numbers than ever before. These resulted in a period of great artistic activity.

The Radiant Ming exhibition explores the history and culture of the Ming dynasty through the exquisite collections of Min Chiu Society members’ collections that include cloisonné enamels, jades, textiles, furniture, gold and silver wares, paintings, calligraphy, scholar’s objects, and recreational and religious objects. Among the exhibition highlights are imperial porcelains and lacquers, porcelains and gilt metal wares indicating China’s links with the Arab world, and objects that reveal the great religious pluralism of the time. Elegant Ming-style furniture, magnificent textiles, exquisite openwork jade belt plaques, paintings and calligraphy of the ”˜Four Literary Masters of the Wuzhong Region (Suzhou)’, and scholar’s objects further epitomise literati tastes and lifestyles.

Numbers are strictly limited for this event, with priority given to members. $100 for members, HK$150 for non-members if space is available. Registration is essential.

Exhibition continues to the 11th April 2015


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