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The Oriental Ceramic Society is delighted to announce a two-day study tour to Shenzhen and Guangzhou for an in-depth look at Buddhist art and ancient Chinese jades through visits several special exhibitions of important archaeological finds.

In Shenzhen we will be introduced to two views of Buddhist practice through Mandala: Famen Temple and Tang Dynasty Esoteric Buddhism, and Propitious Clouds holding up the Mount Qomolangma””Select Artworks of Tibetan Buddhism at the Shenzhen Museum. The Tang dynasty Famen Temple in Shaanxi province served as an important repository for the corporeal remains of the historical Buddha and exulted monks. It enjoyed imperial patronage throughout its long history resulting in magnificent reliquaries or containers for their remains being commissioned and interred there. This special exhibition features some of these opulent objects. We will also explore Tibetan Buddhist works of art, including iconographically-rich thangka paintings, gold sculpture, and a small number of exquisite porcelain vessels. Dr. Roslyn Hammers, Associate Professor of art history at the University of Hong Kong, will lead members through a tour of these enlightening exhibits.

Our visit to Guangzhou will be led by collector Renee Chiang who will guide us through the exhibition of Jades from the tomb of Fu Hao at the Guangdong Provincial Museum, and the Han dynasty Museum of the King of the Tomb of Nanyue. This special exhibition of over 700 jades from the tomb of the royal Shang consort is a rare opportunity to view almost all of the jades from this important tomb. From the spectacular to the more ordinary, these jades represent the largest range of excavated Shang Dynasty jades ever exhibited. Complementing this exhibition, we will also visit the tomb of the Nanyue King, considered one of the most impressive of excavated Han Dynasty sites, featuring his extensive collection of jades.

This two-day trip includes an overnight stay in Guangzhou. Places are strictly is limited, with priority given to members. To confirm your place, we request a non-refundable deposit of HK$1,500 per person, payable by 3 February 2017. The tour fee includes transportation, accommodation in Guangzhou, and museum entrance fees. The full itinerary will be sent to participants.

For bookings, enquiries and expressions of interest, please email

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