Members without an account: How to Register for an account

  1. Click the Members Only link on the top menu.
  2. Under Register enter your email address. This will be your username to administer your OCS account.
  3. Click the red “Register” button. An email will be sent with a temporary automatically generated password.
  4. Open the email and click the link to change your password.
  5. Use this account to login to the OCS website to manage your membership and for all features available to members only, including members rates for events.


Members with an account: How to Log in

  1. Click the “Members Only” link on the top menu.
  2. Under Login, enter your username (email address) and password.
  3. Click the “Log in” button. You can now manage your membership, account, and access features available to members throughout the OCS website.


Non-members: How to Join as a Member

  1. Click the “Join” link on the top menu.
  2. Under Membership Plan, select a plan and click the “Subscribe” button under that plan.
  3. Check or update your information in the Cart page, and click “Proceed to checkout” to pay.
  4. If you have previously registered for an event on this website, click “Returning customer? Click here to login” and your billing details will automatically be filled in.
  5. New users must fill in billing details.
  6. Pay directly with credit cards by clicking “Proceed to Paypal“.
  7. If you choose to pay via bank transfer, please make payment using the OCS bank account details shown. Once completed, email us a copy of your receipt/confirmation.
  8. After the payment and membership subscription are confirmed, you will receive an email with information on how to login using your new Members account.


Managing your Member’s account

  1. On your Members Only page, after you login, you will be presented with a dashboard and a vertical menu on the left of the window.
  2. To edit your account name, email or password, click on “Account details” then “Edit account“. After making change, click “Save changes“.
  3. To view your current membership status, click “Membership plan“. (Please note that the dates of memberships created before this new website are not reflected here, but the OCS administrator does have this information on file.)
  4. To create an automatic renewal or reminder for your Membership, click “Subscriptions” (see section below).
  5. To view your event registrations with payments, click “Records“. (Please note that you must login to your Member’s account to receive Members’ rates for events.)
  6. To have access to reading the Bulletins, click “OCS Bulletins” in your dashboard or “Bulletins” in the top menu.
  7. To view videos of past lectures, including those exclusive to members, click “OCS Videos“.


Renewing Memberships

  1. If are a lapsed member and wish to renew your membership now, you can do so without the extra “Join Fee”. Please write to, and our admin will send you instructions.
  2. Henceforth, members will receive an email reminder before the expiration of their annual membership on 31 December. If you do not renew within the grace period, your membership and your account will expire.
  3. At the time of renewal at the end of this year, you will be given the opportunity to set up automatic renewal for future membership renewals, by choosing a “Membership Subscription” plan. Details will be given during the renewal process.